Edmonton Oilers go back to Mike Smith in net. Hmm. Can't say I Iike the move.

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Analytics guy Michael Parkatti @mparkatti

Mr. Willis is spot on. What possible leverage did Mike Smith have to garner $2M? Throw a random dart at any European league goalie for min salary if this is your plan.

TSN’s Matthew Iwanyk @matthewiwanyk
Break it down by month

Oct – .919 (8 games)
Nov – .895 (7 games)
Dec – .828 (5 games)
Jan – .920 (7 games)
Feb – .916 (9 games)
Mar – .867 (3 games)

When Smith is on, he plays exceptionally well. When Smith is off, its quite bad.

Jeff Chapman @NewWaveOil
here’s how i got em
pulujuarvi: A
ennis: A+
turris: B+
barrie: A
smith: D

too high? too low? about right?

Bret Litke @BretLitke94
Mikko buddy, I’m thinking it’s time for you to emerge as a 60 game starter pal.

Ryan Donaldson @Maddawg81
GMs in Edmonton have lacked Creativity for years. I almost wish they were a small market team so they actually have to think out their decisions. Mike Smith decision is baffling. Everybody is saying why? And why $2 mil?

Oilers blogger Alex Thomas @Alex_Thomas14
Mike Smith is not an NHL goaltender. That is a horrible decision by Holland and severely dampens the team’s chances next season.

Mike @ThatsJustPr1me
Mike Smith’s last 2 seasons of Sv%:
.898 and .902

And. He. Keeps. Getting. Signed….

Dave @Welder_Dave1991
Oilers have resigned Mike Smith but, the team IS better than last season. I’m looking forward to watching this team play.

TSN’s Dustin Nielson @nielsonTSN1260
Question is….are the Oilers a better team in front of Smith & Koskinen then they were last year because they were 2nd in the Div with them last year.

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